‘The Empress’: Netflix Orders Season 2

‘The Empress’: Netflix Orders Season 2

Period drama series The Empress is set to return to Netflix for a second season, the streamer said on Tuesday.

Stars Devrim Lingnau, who plays the titular Austrian Empress Elisabeth “Sisi,” and Philip Froissant, who plays husband Emperor Franz-Joseph I will return for season 2, along with fellow cast members Melika Foroutan, Johannes Nussbaum, Almila Bagriacik and Jordis Triebel. Katharina Eyssen is the drama’s writer.

The first season, which was launched in September, featured Elisabeth, a rebellious woman, her relationship to the emperor, his unpredictable brother and his mother, as well as enemy soldiers threatening the empire. Netflix stated that the historical drama had captivated viewers around the globe, appearing in Netflix’s global top 10 TV list for five consecutive weeks and topping the 10 in 88 nations around the world including Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

Eyssen said, “I am incredibly thankful that we were able to reach so many different people in Germany as well as all over the globe with our series.” “The story of Elisabeth is a story about the power of love, as well as the courage to be different and hope for a better tomorrow, and that is what is needed at this moment. We are so happy to continue telling this thrilling story .”

It shows that people want to see more of Elisabeth.” It shows that people want to see more of Elisabeth.”

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