The Impact the Metaverse Will Have on Reaching Consumers

The Impact the Metaverse Will Have on Reaching Consumers thumbnail


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Marketing development often happens alongside technological advancements. This is what we’ve seen with television, radio, and the printed press. We are now, according to all accounts, on the cusp for the next great marketing leap forward.

Much has already been said, mainly speculatively, regarding the metaverse , and its potential transformative impact. Although most metaverse concepts are still in their conceptual stages, there is enough smoke to suggest that it will become a hot property in the near future.

Already, we are seeing signs of significant growth. Facebook’s decision to change its name from Meta was a major move. But there have been other moves. Major brands such as Nike and Gucci have invested heavily in their metaverse presence, and metaverse-related jobs have jumped by a staggering 400% in the past twelve months. The metaverse is here, whether we like it or otherwise.

This will offer marketers many opportunities to reach consumers and create a deeper, more symbiotic relationship. How will the metaverse change the marketing industry? Let’s take a look:

Immersive marketing

The metaverse is an immersive experience. This opens up many opportunities for marketers to interact more with their consumers than can be done via traditional internet browsers.

Instead of just showing products to consumers, marketers can have their audience interact directly with their products. Let’s take, for example, an online clothing company. They are currently unable to show photos or videos of their clothing items worn by models. The metaverse allows customers to “try on” the products just like they would in a physical shop. It’s no stretch to say that this would be a more engaging customer experience, and it’s for this reason that many tech and marketing advocates are extremely hopeful about the benefits of the metaverse.

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Impact on growth marketing

The metaverse will elevate and enhance various types of existing marketing strategies, including growth marketing. The metaverse’s advantages, mainly in terms of the production and useable data, align with the growth marketing requirements.

Data galore

The metaverse will take the standard “internet cookie” and run amok. Users will behave more naturally in a virtual world that is immersive than they would if they were just staring at a screen. Every move will also generate data. Marketers who are able to track consumer behavior can find this data very useful.

Companies do not necessarily need to have strong metaverse presence in order to make use of the generated data to their advantage. They can simply use the metaverse data to develop and aid their other digital marketing strategies.

Virtual worlds

The big internet players such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram offer many tools for marketers to reach their audience. But, marketers must adhere to the rules set forth by tech giants. Marketers struggle to make their voices heard in a very crowded and limited space.

The metaverse is more than a website that allows marketers to reach an audience. It’s a whole new world where companies can establish a virtual headquarters. Companies won’t be able to connect with customers by going on influential websites in this new landscape. They’ll have their own virtual world where they can invite customers to join them.

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New opportunities

The metaverse gives marketers a chance to enhance their existing marketing strategies by incorporating new tactics unavailable to them until now, such as producing unique NFT collections, advertising through virtual displays (such as in immersive games), or hosting global, digital events.

How will metaverse marketing differ to today’s marketing?

All under one umbrella: Unlike the two-dimension web, the 3D metaverse will allow the entire customer journey to happen in a single space. The virtual world of a company allows consumers to search, learn, and buy within it.

The co-creation dream: Marketers have always wanted their customers to be involved in the content-creation process. Although it hasn’t happened yet, it will be a key part of the customer journey in the metaverse.

Less traditional advertisements: It opens up a whole new world of advertising tactics, including virtual events, virtual influencers, advergames and digital corporate venues.

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It’s too early to say what marketing will look like in the metaverse. But we can expect that it’ll have a transformative impact on marketing, perhaps as great as the emergence of the internet did. While the details are still being worked out, one thing is certain: Marketers need to start preparing for a new way of reaching consumers.

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