The Man Behind the Hand: Actor Who Plays Thing in ‘Wednesday’ Shares BTS Look at the Character’s Creation

The Man Behind the Hand: Actor Who Plays Thing in ‘Wednesday’ Shares BTS Look at the Character’s Creation

Victor Dorobantu, the actor who plays Thing on Netflix‘s Wednesday, takes fans behind the scenes to explain how the favorite limb character was brought to life.

In a video posted on the Still Watching Netflix YouTube channel, Tom Turnbull, the VFX Supervisor for Wednesday, said director Tim Burton wanted an actor or performer to play Thing.

Turnbull stated, “We set out in order to find an actor who could play the part.” “Somebody with the right look and nimble fingers was able to perform all these moves. They had to be young and flexible enough to work in awkward situations. Dorobantu, a magician by trade, was chosen for the job.

Thing has been a staple in the Addams Family since the 1930s when the character was created by Charles Addams, with roles in several Addams Family series and spinoffs since then.

Dorobantu stated that it was difficult to create from the beginning to the end. “Even with his talk, it’s hard to find movements that can express emotions

Turnbull explained that Jenna Ortega ,, who plays Wednesday, quickly got comfortable talking to a hand. The actress stated that it was not difficult at all. “It wasn’t difficult at all,” the actress said.

Later, they had to edit every scene of Dorobantu’s life out of scenes. Turnbull stated that they would need to use CGI in some scenes and make adjustments to the sets to make it work.

“Well, you have a hand on set, and he is acting,” the VFX supervisor said. “Normally, when you talk about a paint-out in visual effects, ‘Oh yeah, a paint-out is easy.’ But we’re painting out 90 percent of the human being that’s dominating the shot and keeping the 10 percent that’s the hand, it’s actually very hard to do.

Wednesday has amounted to quite the popularity on the streamer and social media since its release.

The mystery-comedy was the first English-language series to top 400 million viewing hours in a week on Netflix. Wednesday was also No. 3, only 12 days into its release, in the streamer’s all-time ranking of English-language series with 752. 52 million hours viewed.

On social media, Wednesday-related searches on TikTok were in the billions, and the series’ soundtrack topped the iTunes soundtrack chart.

Watch the BTS video of Thing in Wednesday below.

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