The NFL’s JJ Watt Just Sacked Chipotle On Twitter

The NFL’s JJ Watt Just Sacked Chipotle On Twitter

JJ Watt has a question for Chipotle: Where is the beef?

Today, the huge defensive end for the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals tweeted: “Burritos are getting smaller. It’s high-time we had a dialogue about it. We want big burritos to come back.”

— JJ Watt (@JJWatt) December 11, 2022

Watt also included a photo showing a Chipotle burrito that Watt dwarfed by his enormous hands. It was hardly a satisfying meal for a man who is 6’8″ and 288 lbs.

One tweeter was so offended by Watt that he even pulled out a ruler just to prove his point.

Same. It’s a double chicken. This is two months ago. I was so shocked I had to get out the ruler… it was mostly tortilla!

— Used Cardboard (@used_cardboard). December 11, 2022

#burritogate is back

The Pro Bowl player’s complaint is not new. Business Insider We broke the story last January that customers all over the country were sharing their opinions. Social media discontent Chipotle has been skimping their burritos.

Chipotle at the time blamed the problem on custom order, not the serving size.

Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Laurie Schalow stated that Chipotle guests have the option to customize their meal by voice-dictating their preferred portions or choosing extra, light, normal, or on the side from the real ingredients list. “We are not experiencing any shortages in supply chain, and Chipotle is praised for the amazing value it offers with responsibly sourced ingredients that are grilled or chopped fresh every day.”

However, customers continue to eat Chipotle’s shrinking tortilla treats despite this argument.

Watt’s tweet was liked over 58,000 times at press time. Many people also sent photos of their burritos’ diminutive stature.

i feel you.

— Houston Sports Fan (@swaggypsays). December 13, 2022

Many believe that JJ Watt, a well-known star, will join the cause to bring back the plus-size burrito. Chipotle has not yet responded.

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