The Science of School and Education

The Science of School and Education

The Science of School and Education

Special Report

Special Report

Here are solutions to improve students’ emotional, physical, and mental health and to boost educational outcomes

Why Kids Are Afraid to Ask for Help


Why Kids Are Afraid to Ask for Help

Children as young as seven years old may hesitate to ask questions in school because they worry classmates will think they are “stupid”

  • February 14, 2022 — Kayla Good and Alex Shaw | Opinion

Health Care

We Need More Health Clinics at Schools

In-school clinics improve well-being and educational outcomes and serve children who need them most

September 1, 2022 — The Editors


U.S. Kids Are Falling behind Global Competition, but Brain Science Shows How to Catch Up

Paid parental leave and high-quality child care improve children’s brain development and prospects for a better future

June 1, 2022 — Dana Suskind and Lydia Denworth


To Keep Students in STEM fields, Let’s Weed Out the Weed-Out Math Classes

Reimagining calculus has changed several schools’ success rates. Here’s how

March 15, 2022 — Pamela Burdman | Opinion

Mental Health

Science Shows How to Protect Kids’ Mental Health, but It’s Being Ignored

Yes, the COVID pandemic has made the youth mental health crisis worse. But our teens were in trouble long before that

May 31, 2022 — Mitch Prinstein and Kathleen A. Ethier | Opinion

Mental Health

Children’s Risk of Suicide Increases on School Days

Unlike in adults, suicide risk among children is lowest during the summer and higher during the school year. Understanding these patterns can help prevent and treat suicidality

August 22, 2022 — Tyler Black

Public Health

A Cure for Vaccine Hesitancy Could Start in Kindergarten

Teaching simple basics in school about masks, handwashing and ethics can stave off misconceptions in adulthood

August 30, 2022 — Gary Stix

Public Health

Back-to-School Special: Kids, Tests and Long COVID Reassurance | COVID, Quickly, Episode 37

This is our back-to-school special episode. We’ll talk about why COVID testing is about to become a school problem—and about whether or not kids have risk for long COVID.

August 30, 2022 — Tanya Lewis, Josh Fischman and Tulika Bose


In Schools, Honest Talk about Racism Can Reduce Discrimination

New laws make it harder for teachers to discuss racism and inequality, but psychological evidence shows these conversations dispel causes of bias and distress

August 19, 2022 — Camilla Mutoni Griffiths and Nicky Sullivan


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