Theranos President Ramesh Balwani Gets 13 Years Behind Bars

Theranos President Ramesh Balwani Gets 13 Years Behind Bars

Disgraced Theranos Inc. President and Chief Operating Officer Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani was sentenced today to 13 years behind bars for defrauding investors and patients.

Photo taken by Justin Sullivan/Getty images

U.S. District judge Edward Davila delivered the sentence in a federal courthouse in San Jose, California.

Last July, Balwani was convicted of collaborating with Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes in a giant fraud scheme involving investors and patients of the blood-testing company. The startup falsely claimed that the device they developed could detect diseases and conditions from just a few drops of blood.

Holmes was sentenced in January to over 11 years in prison for her role in duping investors. In addition to being second in command of Theranos’, Holmes was also Holmes’ boyfriend. However, she claimed that Balwani sexually abused and verbally abused Holmes during her trial.

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Who is Ramesh Sunny Balwali?

Not much is known about Balwani, including how he got the nickname “Sunny. “

According to a New York Times expose, Balwani once worked as a sales manager for Microsoft and was president of a start-up called during the boom. Balwani made $40 million on that exit and eventually landed a job as the number two at Theranos.

He was later arrested and convicted of two counts of conspiracy and ten counts of wire fraud for his role in the multi-million-dollar Theranos scheme.

Balwani didn’t speak in his defense during his trial and sentencing. He is expected to appeal against his conviction.

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