These Teens Went on ‘Shark Tank’ With a Product That Will Change the Way You Decorate Your Christmas Tree. Now, It’s a Multi-Million-Dollar Business.

These Teens Went on ‘Shark Tank’ With a Product That Will Change the Way You Decorate Your Christmas Tree. Now, It’s a Multi-Million-Dollar Business.

It shouldn’t be difficult to keep it going. Christmas ornaments They belong where they belong: on your tree. Many people find themselves picking up decorations from the ground every year, often due to pet interference or flimsy hooks.

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Teen entrepreneurs Ayaan Naqvi (14 years old) and Mika’il Naqvi (15 years old), have created an innovative way to make money. innovative solution: Ornament AnchorPatent-pending loop and pull that secures Christmas ornaments to their tree. It can withstand the claws of cats, dogs, and toddlers.

The Ornament Anchor is available in four colors to match any aesthetic and has already been a huge hit. Holiday season. The multi-million-dollar company has more than 500 Amazon reviews and the Ornament Anchor can be found in more than 500 stores. Lowe’s stores.

Entrepreneur We sat down to discuss how two school projects were created by the Naqvi brothers. Shark Tank Their young entrepreneurial careers were launched by their appearances and the highly-successful product.

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“The first year, we made approximately $5,000 in sales. This to me and Ayaan, who were just children at the time, was insane.”

It all started when Ayaan, a 10-year-old, came up with an idea for a new way to make a cigarette. Invention For a fourth-grade project in 2018,

Ayaan said, “I was thinking hard.” “I had many ideas, but nothing stuck until I saw Zara, my dog. Zara walked past a Christmas tree with her tail wagging and hit all of our ornaments. [off the tree]. That’s when I realized that there has never been an invention that can save your ornaments from falling off your Christmas tree.

Ayaan went on to Develop the prototype. It was unveiled at the school fair where it was received enthusiastically by parents, classmates, and teachers.

For the next two years, the story ended there. Mickey remembered his younger brother’s “genius idea” and followed their parents’ lead. entrepreneurial The boys followed their footsteps and decided to have a go.

They will be able to do this in 2019 Filled their patents To see how the Ornament Anchor would be accepted at local Christmas and craft fairs, they attended. They wanted to find out if their product was viable. They also needed to identify its most appealing points and target demographic.

Mickey explains, “We wanted to get out in front of real people so that we could hear real feedback about our product.” “And that’s how we started the first year. And the first year we made approximately $5,000 in sales which, to me and Ayaan, was crazy, as we were just children at the time.

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“As children, it’s frightening to be up against five millionaires trying to pitch our ideas.”

Ornament Anchor made a big break with not one, but two new products Shark Tank In 2019, and 2021, appearances were a milestone that few other entrepreneurs can match.

The brothers Naqvi say that the chance to be on the show was “literally a miracle” and that it was their favorite program growing up. They even remember playing in the background as Ornament Anchor orders were being fulfilled in the early days.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime event.

“It [was] Completely different from everything else [we’ve] ever done,” Mickey says. “And it’s terrifying to be up against five millionaires trying to pitch your ideas,” Mickey says.

Although the Sharks offered valuable feedback to young entrepreneurs, they didn’t offer any deals. Although it was difficult for the boys to go back to school empty-handed one week later, their appearance on the show taught them a lot.

“The main thing that matters is [our] Family was taken from Shark Tank Mickey said that even if they say “no”, even if it seems like there’s no chance, that doesn’t stop you from trying. “You can Keep going. That’s exactly what we did. We are now more successful than ever in our lives.”

Ayaan agrees.

“The greatest takeaway for me is to never stop learning. Have a Plan BHe said. “Before[[Shark Tank]It was always like this, it is going to happen. Then, that experience. [taught us] You must be ready for anything. You never know what might happen.

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“We want to see how we can get into more retailers, maybe expand to other ideas for Ornament Anchor. But there’s still a lot to do.”

The teens persevered and eventually set their sights on Lowe’s.

Mickey explains that they went to Lowe’s to make a video explaining why the Ornament Anchor was a good fit for Lowe’s.

Ayaan interviewed customers in the retailer to demonstrate the product and gather feedback. Feedback. Mickey edited the footage and the brothers sent it to Lowe’s December 2021.

Mickey says, “We even took photos of Lowe’s spots and made a mockup of what the Ornament Anchor would look if it was in Lowe’s.” “Shout out my mom for that one.”

Lowe’s agreed that the Ornament Anchor would be stock in its more than 500 stores.

Ayaan states that Lowe’s is doing an amazing job and hopes to keep it up. We’re looking to see if there are more retail outlets, expand to other ideas for Ornament Anchor. But there’s still a lot to do.

Mickey agreed, stating that Ornament Anchor’s retail presence will expand next year. The Naqvis are actually in talks to open more stores for 2023 rollouts.

But Ornament Anchor online sales They have also exceeded the expectations of their brothers.

Mickey explains that Ornament Anchor can be used as a demo product. It’s super easy to demo. It’s as simple as a zip and hitting the ornament. People are amazed and ask, “Wow, what’s that?” It works great for Google ads, YouTube, and Facebook. Next year, we plan to invest more money in ads and improve our online strategies.

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“It’s in our blood to be entrepreneurs.

Being young entrepreneurs is not easy. It can be difficult to balance school, work, and personal life.

The Naqvi brothers would not have it any other. They have had a taste of entrepreneurship They don’t want it to be lost any time soon.

Mickey says, “It’s in our blood to become entrepreneurs.” “I’ve been exposed and I love being an entrepreneur. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t start a business. Running a business.”

Ayaan agrees and says that while they plan to take Ornament Anchor wherever they can, they don’t have enough. Business ideas In the pipeline

When it comes to advising budding entrepreneurs on how they can turn their business ideas into reality? Simply put getting started Mickey believes that the most important thing is the most important.

“Get out of the weeds and get to work trying to figure it out. Okay, now how do I start a business?Mickey explains. “And the best thing about our time is that you have Google or YouTube where you can search for something and someone will show you how to do it. Anyone can do it if they are willing to work hard.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help either, Ayaan suggests.

Ayaan states, “If you need some help, it’s always a good idea to have a mentor,” whether it’s a parent or teacher, or any other adult you can trust. They have a lot experience. They have lived longer. They can help with many things.

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