This chair folds to a size of a bottle—a great gift for your outdoorsy friend

This chair folds to a size of a bottle—a great gift for your outdoorsy friend

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Camping is an adventure and excitement like no other. However, you have to temporarily give up some of your luxuries in order to enjoy the wild. Your cushy, memory foam mattress with luxurious sheets is not appropriate for camping sites. You can fool yourself into thinking a tree log is comfy, or you could get a camping chair to save your muscles.

The Campster Portable Chair is a functional seat that you can use for all outdoor activities. It’s available on sale for over 30 percent off right before the holiday rush, so you can give it to folks who love the outdoors, too. You can make everyone happy this Christmas, even yourself.

The Campster is designed to be your go-anywhere-use-anywhere chair, featuring a three-leg construction that prioritizes comfort, maneuverability, stability, and sitting freedom. It makes for an ideal companion for all outdoor activities, including bonfires, concerts and festivals, sports events, picnics, RV and motorcycle camping, and more. It has a seating height akin to a normal chair and has a high weight capacity of up to 120kg.

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The Camper is lighter than other camping chairs that you can buy at big box retailers and folds down to the size of a 1. 25-liter bottle. It allows for a fast and easy set-up as well, unfolding in under 10 seconds. It is telescopic and only requires one piece of assembly. It has an aluminum body anodized for maximum durability and a seat with breathable mesh for comfort. From the get-go, it has amassed almost $1 million in backing on IndieGogo.

Grab yourself and a friend, the Campster, to create your own wild thrones. It usually retails for $129, but for a limited time, you can get it on sale for only $79. 99 in your choice of color: classic blue, grey, or black.

Prices are subject to change.

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