Titan Goes Beyond Robo-Advisor Apps to Help You Invest Smarter

Titan Goes Beyond Robo-Advisor Apps to Help You Invest Smarter

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People are investing in digital age. And they aren’t slowing down. With an unprecedented number of new investors in 2021, a recent survey from Investing.com showed that 86 percent planned to increase their stock holdings in 2022, which is obviously well underway.


This is due to the fact that investing has become easier with the advent of mobile apps and robo advisors. These services have a major drawback: they are impersonal and limited. To be considered a worthy client, you will need to have some serious cash. Titan allows you to start investing in a variety of ways and receive expert support.

All you need to get started with Titan is a minimum of $100 for your opening investments and three minutes to take a questionnaire. Once you have provided information about your investment goals, how you plan to achieve them, as well as the risk tolerance, the system will then use that information and Titan’s dedicated team to create a plan for you. You can then create a system to buy a house or car, get out of debt, or generate passive income.

Titan will help you get started with investing in stocks or crypto and connect you to a variety of real estate investment opportunities. You can also get into more niche areas with features like Titan Opportunities, which focuses on stock investments in under-the-radar companies. Titan Offshore targets market-leading companies that are not based in the United States. Titan is also the exclusive home of Cathie Wood’s latest ARK venture. It also hosts private credit opportunities, connections to iconic firms, such as the Carlyle Private Credit Fund, and offers private credit opportunities.

With such an exclusive selection of services, connections, and strategies, Titan stands out by only requiring a $100 starting investment from new members. This mixture of accessibility and quality has helped Titan earn a notable 4 stars out of 5 on NerdWallet, and a 4.4-star rating out of 5 on Investor.com

Sign up for Titan and begin investing today.

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