Tony Barry, Veteran Australian Film and TV Actor, Dies at 81

Tony Barry, Veteran Australian Film and TV Actor, Dies at 81


Tony Barry, an Australian veteran film and television actor, starred in cult Kiwi comedy. Goodbye Pork Pie He played a long-running part in the television drama series. The Time of Our LivesHe has passed away. He was 81.

Gaylene Preston, a New Zealand filmmaker, is Barry’s friend. Facebook – wrote After a long battle with cancer, the actor died in Murwillumbah. “He was a rare and special actor. He was a fierce fighter for the underdog, fighting for indigenous rights and rehabilitation. [programs] Preston wrote that Preston was writing about the justice system and the environment.

“Tony Barry has passed – a wonderful man, a great actor, and a hero of mine. “Sad today,” tweeted Sam Neill, who starred alongside Barry in Michael Blakemore’s. Country Life.

Barry was born in Queensland, Australia on August 28, 1941. He made his television debut in 1968 with the television series “The TV Show”. Skippy: The Bush KangarooHe followed this up with appearances on various Australian TV shows, including The Box And Matlock Police.

In Kevin James Dobson’s 1977 period drama, he made his feature film debut. The Mango Tree In the years that followed, he accumulated over 160 television and film credits. His most prominent film roles include the Ken Hannam drama Break of the Day (1976), Terry Bourke’s Little Boy Lost (1978), Phillip Noyce’s critically-acclaimed Newsfront (1979), John Laing’s Beyond Reasonable Doubt (1980) and Dusan Makavejev’s The Coca-Cola Kid (1985), Park Chan-wook Lady Vengeance (2005) and Baz Luhmann’s sprawling epic Australia (2008).

Barry’s most memorable role was in Geoff Murphy’s 1981 Kiwi comedy. Goodbye Pork Pie. Barry played John, a man who leaves his girlfriend and flees home to Invercargill. He decides to drive all of the way south from Auckland to speak to her in his yellow Mini 1000.

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Goodbye Pork Pie It was a significant milestone in New Zealand cinema. It was the first locally-made film to achieve a large-scale success. Barry was awarded “honorary Kiwi” status for his success and cultural impact in New Zealand. He also became the first Australian to be featured on a NZ stamp. In 2016, the film was remade. Pork pieJohn is played by Dean O’Gorman in this film.

Barry’s most recent television role was in the Australian Broadcasting Corp. drama The Time of Our Lives. He was Ray Tivolli’s star in the series. However, in 2013, he experienced a health crisis and lost his left leg in mid-production. This happened after a decade-long battle against melanoma. The series featured Ray’s real-life amputation. Barry is shown recovering and learning to walk again.

“I was able talk to the scriptwriters and producers about what losing a leg means for Ray getting in the shower. Barry spoke to

He also starred on the Australian television series. Harrow And The End.

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