Twitter Cracks Down on Impersonators, Permanently Suspends Kathy Griffin for Mocking Elon Musk

Twitter Cracks Down on Impersonators, Permanently Suspends Kathy Griffin for Mocking Elon Musk

Elon Musk stated that Twitter accounts that impersonate other handles without specifying it to be a “parody account” will be permanently suspended after several prominent accounts, including the one of comedian Kathy Griffin ,, were removed from the platform for posting tweets mocking the billionaire and pretending to be him.

Musk, who is now the majority owner and CEO at Twitter, and a self-proclaimed freedom of speech absolutist, announced the policy in a Sunday tweet thread. Musk tweeted: “Going forward any Twitter handle engaging in impersonation of someone else without clearly indicating “parody” will permanently be suspended.”

Musk responded to the tweets with a pair of follow up tweets. He stated, “Previously we issued a warning prior to suspension, but now that widespread verification is being implemented, there will not be a warning.” This will be clearly identified in order to sign up for Twitter Blue. Musk also stated, “Any name changes will cause temporary loss .”

of verified checkmark.”

The company’s rapid policy change regarding suspensions is taking place amid chaos caused by the seismic changes in Twitter’s verification system. It has committed to selling blue checkmarks for users who pay $8 per month for Twitter Blue membership. Security experts and tech professionals warn that Twitter’s push for paid-for verification will result in more scams and disinformation.

Griffin was temporarily blocked from Twitter Sunday night, after she changed her name and photo to match Musk’s. She also tweeted about the midterm election results. As Musk tweeted, Griffin said, “After much heated discussion with the females involved in my life. I have decided that voting blue for them is the right thing (They are also sexy, btw.). #VoteBlueToProtectWomen.”

Users were furious at the suspension of the comedian, accusing him of preventing free speech and being thin-skinned. “Free speech includes racism but not making fun of you,” wrote @brndxix in reply to Musk’s thread that garnered over 25,000 likes.

Musk mocked Griffin and then tweeted, “Actually she was suspended because she impersonated a comedian.” She can get her account back for $8 if she really wants it. For $8 .”

Mad Men star Rich Sommer also was permanently suspended after he adopted Musk’s username, profile photo, and thereby fell foul of the new policy. Sommer claimed to be Musk and tweeted “okay, time for plan b, because they’re MAKING ME keep twitter.” Is there anyone who knows of any advertisers who are, like?, ‘into racism. Only ad ppl interested in what racism is all about.

YouTuber Ethan Klein, cohost of H3H3, was also suspended by Twitter for using the fake name Musk. Klein, playing the role of Musk, tweeted a joke about Jeffrey Epstein’s friendship. However, he clearly stated that his tweets were parodies, and that his account was a parody, changing the header and bio. Klein was suspended by the H3H3 podcast account (@theh3podcast), who tweeted: “Comedy is dead Twitter and Elon Musk killed It

One of the users permanently suspended was Chris Kluwe, a sci-fi author and former professional football player (@chriswarcraft). Another verified user, with the handle @arb and over 50,000 followers, was also permanently suspended Sunday for impersonating Musk and tweeting a series of mocking posts including, “my wife left me.”

Griffin responded on Instagram. In two separate posts, the comedian addressed Musk’s response to her changing her Twitter name to match hers. In the first, she shares with you how Katherine Keener and Stephanie Koff, two of her industry friends, visited her home Sunday night to “check up on me .”


“So I’m trending in Twitter. Griffin wrote the caption to a photo of the four of them, “Long story,” he said. “Anyway, I was getting lots online comments from Elon musk-cult members, then DING DONG!”

In her subsequent post ,, which was published Monday morning by Griffin, Griffin shared a TikTok explainer video that explains, in part, the events between Musk and Griffin. She wrote, “Cannot stop laughing! “Elon can’t quit me.”

Nov. 7, 9: 15 a.m. PT: Updated story with two Instagram posts from Kathy Griffin.

Abbey White contributed this report.

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