Twitter suspensions, Elon Musk’s jet, and other messes you may have missed this week

Twitter suspensions, Elon Musk’s jet, and other messes you may have missed this week

This week, Elon Musk’s chaotic tenure in Twitter oversight continued. There were sudden policy changes, journalist accounts suspensions and new signs that Twitter’s dire financial position is causing chaos. Here’s a quick overview of recent events.

Elon Musk’s stance on Twitter’s ‘free speech’ remains inconsistent

Twitter suspended @ElonJet in the past 48 hours. It was an account that was created by a Florida college student Tracking the world’s second-richest man’s Private plane landings and takeoffs are possible in real-time based on publicly available information. Experts in open source intelligence (OSINT), have already landed private planes. condemned The move, also known as a dangerous overstep This limits accountability and restricts access to important information.

Despite the fact that there was no a previous promise Amnesty for the account on the ground of “free speech absolutism.” Musk claimed This account led to a stranger targeting a car believed to be transporting Twitter CEO, but which contained one of Musk’s ten children, XAE A-Xii. Musk uploaded A video was posted to Twitter by OSINT researchers. It shows a portion of a man’s facial and the full vehicle license plate number. contestedThe details of Musk’s claim.

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Musk also suspended the project within hours. Numerous prominent journalists From the platformKeith Olberman, longtime journalist and sports commentator. As well as The New York Times‘ Ryan Mac. Musk then arrived unannounced To a Twitter Spaces audio event hosted and hosted by BuzzFeed News Tech reporter Katie Notopoulos He briefly defended his actions before an estimated 30,000 people. “You’re just another Twitter citizen. So no special treatment,” Musk spoke During the event. “You dox, and you get suspended, end story.” Notopoylos Reported back The journalists were reporting on @ElonJet suspension. As of Friday morning Twitter Spaces appears Totally disabledMusk claims that it is, however. Software bug updates.

Trust and Safety Council disbanded and then reformed

Musk recently Disbanded Twitter’s Trust and Safety Board Focused Musk also spoke out on suicide prevention, child sexual exploitation, and human rights. Musk then reorganized the team and offered to be a partner. A controversial “anti-sextrafficking” organization This has been the subject of Several Expose. Musk’s involvement in the shakeup is the root cause. Dubious claims The company didn’t take the issue of child sexual exploitation material(CSEM) seriously prior to his acquisition. They even went so far as to endorse a tweet An accusation Twitter’s former Trust and Safety Yoel Rot Roth is pro-child sexualization Roth Threatens forced him to flee his home.

QAnon is re-interested in Elon Musk

Musk’s recent Transphobic tweets His Monday evening “Follow the instructions” [rabbit emoji]”Alert, which is Most likely a reference To The Matrix His and/or her Continual efforts To stir up controversy about Twitter’s previous content guidelines “The Twitter Files” was their name. This sign appears to have been taken by believers in the The conspiracy theory of QAnonPop cultural phrases like “Follow the white rabbit“In regards to piecing together their perceived evidence for a global cabal Satanic, blood-drinking homosexual pedophiles led by prominent Democrats.

Twitter shows financial woes

Musk completed his $44 billion purchase Twitter in October. The deal was partially funded via multiple large bank loansRepayments are due in the near future. Advertisers who contributed previously to the bulk Twitter’s revenue are now exempted. The platform was abandoned In droves, and attempts at monetizing the site via convoluted methods Twitter Blue premium subscription aren’t Going well, either. This week, there were Also, see reports Musk has decided to stop paying rent at Twitter headquarters and he hopes to end the severance packages that were offered to hundreds of employees who were laid off soon after Musk assumed control. Multiple outlets This week, we reported on auctions that offered furniture, kitchenware and decorations for the company headquarters. (On Wednesday, News also broke Musk had sold $3.6 billion more of his stock in Tesla. Investors can get assurances April of “no further” [Tesla] sales planned.”)

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