“Weird Al” Yankovic Says Warner Bros. Turned Down His ‘Harry Potter’ Parody Request

“Weird Al” Yankovic Says Warner Bros. Turned Down His ‘Harry Potter’ Parody Request

“Weird Al Yankovic” has parodied everything, from iconic rap songs like Gangsta’s Paradise to beloved franchises like Star Wars , to theme songs for beloved franchises such as Star Wars , but it wasn’t without trying.

While promoting his film Weird : The Al Yankovic Stories ,, the award-winning artist revealed that he tried to get permission for the parody to be performed by Warner Bros.

Yankovic explained to The Hollywood Reporter that he approached the movie company about a decade ago to get a general blessing. “But sometimes, when you’re dealing in franchises, you know that there’s so many people who can say no and they usually do.” THR has reached out to Warner Bros.

Yankovic said that he learned his lesson from being shut down. Yankovic explained that if he’s doing a franchise, it’s better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission.

Yankovic was not allowed to parody the iconic magical franchise. However, he is a huge fan of it and jokes that his favorite Harry Potter movie, Weird, is Weird, The Al Yankovic Story. He said that he likes to think that this is the last movie in the Harry Potter franchise.

Daniel Radcliffe Evan Rachel Wood, who played Weird Al, and Madonna in the biopic were both surprised that the musician had not parodied the franchise’s theme song which Wood claimed was “ripe for Weird Al”.

Radcliffe laughed, “Maybe that is what this movie is.” “This has been his way of doing a Harry Potter parody.”

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