Wes Bentley Warns of ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Wrath: “He’s Boiling — and It Will Explode”

Wes Bentley Warns of ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Wrath: “He’s Boiling — and It Will Explode”

[This story contains spoilers from the first two episodes of Yellowstone‘s fifth season. ]

If you ask Wes Bentley , about his character, there’s one thing that he’ll agree on with Beth Dutton: Jamie Dutton’s chances of redemption are over.

The formidable Beth, played by Kelly Reilly, says as much to her brother Jamie (Bentley) in the second episode of Yellowstone‘s fifth season. The Taylor Sheridan-created neo-Western returned to Paramount Network Sunday night with a two-episode premiere that set a ratings record.

“I believe you are advising the best interests of the family. This isn’t your family, I realize. He’s not your dad. And we both know how you treated your own father,” says Beth, reminding Jamie (and viewers) that he is the adopted son to patriarch John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and that he murdered his biological father for his attack on the Duttons — a choice he made under Beth’s strong-armed guidance in the season four finale. Jamie, stop believing that you have a chance of redemption. You don’t.

In the first two episodes of the series, Jamie is subject to insults, orders, and dagger glances from John and Beth. John at one point tells his Attorney General son that he will sacrifice his political ambitions and give strength to his “weak, self loathing heart” for his family’s sake. John, who ran an anti-progress campaign, tells his children, “I love Montana, I’m doing it for the ranch.” “Every decision is weighed against the ranch’s benefit. .”

The ranch is always first

Jamie will take whatever is thrown at him. He follows orders, nods and remains silent. As the Dutton family’s new adversaries (played by Jacki Weber and series newcomer Dawn Olivieri), can see, Jamie is a tightrope walker and is getting ready to take the reins.

“Inside, he’s boiling. It will explode,” warns Bentley, speaking to The Hollywood Reporter regarding what’s next. “Jamie’s threat potential is real. Is that redemption? Is it revenge? Or is it survival? I don’t know. Something like that will have to happen. Jamie is not going to be back from the fourth season events. I think he has changed.

John was pushed into the governor’s seat by Beth and Beth blackmailing him. His father took any job Jamie wanted out of this arrangement, so he now views John differently. Jamie is a broken person, but at the moment he’s a broken guy under someone’s thumb, who doesn’t know how to get him out. So he’s boiling and searching for the way out .”


Gov. John Dutton (Kevin Costner) with daughter Beth (Kelly Reilly) and son Jamie (Wes Bentley) in the premiere

Courtesy of Paramount Network

Bentley claims that Jamie still hasn’t been able to process the trauma he suffered by killing his father when the season starts. After Beth discovered that Jamie’s father had killed his father, she made the decision to save herself. She threatened Rip (Cole Hauser), with certain death if he found out.

After his finale choice, Bentley says that Jamie was trying to survive in the first episode. “Jamie has a strong sense for right and wrong. But it’s his own sense and it’s definitely to his benefit. Part of it was about him living and his dad being alive. He realized that his dad had done wrong and he decided to kill him. He was forced to make the decision, no matter how painful it was to say or do so. But, despite this, it’s led to intense hatred and anger from Beth .

He continued, “It is devastating and it will only get worse as Jamie realizes what they don’t have.” Will Patton played his father. He was his only true family. And I believe Beth has opened a deep wound by voicing his desire to kill him father. Now he must decide what he is going to do. He is now under her tutelage and can’t do the instinctual things so he must play her game, at least for a while.

This bubbling anger is the root of Jamie and Beth’s deep-seated hatred. Flashbacks show that Beth was 13 years old and sought an abortion. Jamie took Beth to the sterilization clinic without her consent. Beth’s infertility has contributed to much of Beth’s hostility towards her brother.

Airing in a post-Roe world, Bentley notes that their timely history could elicit even more passionate audience feelings around the Beth and Jamie fractured relationship, but he also spots another political parallel.

“John running for office mirrors what’s going on now in the sense of a lot of people that don’t believe government or democracy and are running on selfish, selfish, self-promoting motives,” Bentley says of the self-serving motivations behind John’s governorship. “John wanted to be governor for his personal gain and not for the benefit of the people.” There are many people running like that, who don’t believe or support democracy or government, and who just want to get what they want .”


Beth (Reilly) and Jamie (Bentley)

Courtesy of Paramount Network

Jamie is focusing on being the voice of reason for John and Beth, and keeping them from making decisions that could lead to the loss of their family cattle ranch. He’s also going up against the coastal elites, and any billionaire developer who scouts Montana. He is the only one who understands how modern society works. Bentley says that he believes everyone else is playing a game with cowboys. Jamie is frustrated because he has a stake and wants to own Yellowstone. There are many new people and new angles being explored at the ranch. We also have a lot more relationship changes, such as between John and Beth. It’s going to bring out a lot more new and different emotions than the previous four seasons.

Jamie is not the only threat. There are signs that a reckoning could be coming for the Dutton family: Youngest son Kayce (Luke Grimes), after seeing an ominous vision about the “end of us” in the season four finale, lost his unborn son after wife Monica (Kelsey Asbille) got into a car accident at the end of the premiere.

Bentley says that the Duttons are at an inflection point and almost entirely unable to make their own decisions. It does feel like the world is descending on them or they’ve run into a corner that they can’t escape from. It’s also interesting to see that they struggle with .”


Yellowstone airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Paramount Network, with episodes or the full season available for purchase on select services. The series is not available on Paramount . Previous seasons can be viewed on Peacock. )

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