What Adam Sandler’s New Movie ‘Hustle’ Can Teach Entrepreneurs About Gaining an Edge

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Netflix’s latest streaming hit is Hustle, a 2022 comedy-drama starring Adam Sandler. The story revolves around Sandler’s character Stanley Sugarman, a professional basketball scout for the Philidelphia 76ers. It shows Sugarman’s nomadic lifestyle while searching for a NBA star. It also juxtaposes this with what he really desires: a more settled life with the family as an assistant coach for team. Sugarman must overcome many obstacles in order to achieve his goals while simultaneously helping others. His methods for doing this embody the traits of an entrepreneur.

Hustle includes a multitude of entrepreneurial lessons and similarly shapes Sandler’s character to embody the core traits of an entrepreneur himself.

Take Risks

A theme present throughout the movie is that of taking personal risks. Entrepreneurship is a fundamental part of taking risks. Without it, great ideas wouldn’t fly.

In Hustle, Sugarman risks his job by bringing Spanish basketball player Bo Cruz to America without the approval of his head coach. This risk forces them to collaborate and innovate to achieve their NBA coaching and playing goals. Sugarman also invests his time and money in Cruz’s athletic development. This decision could have had disastrous consequences: an unemployed ex-scout, and a failed basketball player left stranded in another country. Instead, Cruz and Sugarman take these risks and push themselves out of their comfort zones. They work smarter to improve their roles.

Taking risks can increase self-confidence. It can also increase the confidence of those around the risk-taker, as they feel the people surrounding them consider them worth the risk.

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Never Give up

Entrepreneurs don’t give up on their dreams. They take every obstacle in stride, adjust as necessary, and continue working towards their goals. Sugarman faces myriad hurdles: Living away from his family, being demoted, having a turbulent relationship with his boss, and dealing with a lack of support from those around him are among the many. Sugarman is a careful worker, has goals that encompass more than himself and knows that if he keeps his course, his work will make a real difference to others.

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Practice Humility

Being humble is crucial in entrepreneurship. Pride or arrogance can cause friction with colleagues, blur goals, and even split a team into factions. In Hustle, Sugarman practices humility. Sugarman is aware that he will make mistakes and will eventually fail. He will need to learn from those around him.

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Is Adam Sandler’s Hustle based on a true story?

The film is fiction, despite how believable it may seem. Despite this, Hustle contains dozens of sports cameos, with performances from NBA stars including Shaquille O’Neal and Allen Iverson, and LeBron James serves as a producer.

Where to watch Hustle ?

As of June 3, 2022, Hustle is now streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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