Who Are You Spending Your Time With? Elevate Your Circle to Unlock Your Full Potential

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You have a great power within you that you are waiting to be unleashed and shared with the world. Sometimes all it takes to make that little spark inside roar into a roaring fire is a little inspiration. Your circle can light that fire or put it out. It all comes down to mindset.

Who are you spending your time around? Do you surround yourself with people who challenge you and encourage you to realize your greatest potential ? If the answer is no, then it’s high time to find people who do.

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Continue to learn

You might have heard it said that the smartest or most successful person is the best. It’s great to share your knowledge with others. It’s amazing to see others recognize your hard work and admire you. However, being the most successful person in a group can lead you to stagnation if you don’t learn. There are more amazing and bigger things out there waiting for you to discover.

I’m super passionate about sharing my knowledge with small business owners, because I know there is so much out there for them. I want them to see all of the incredible possibilities that are out there. I know that I must continue to learn and grow in order to be of service to others. I need to fuel my inner fire and keep it burning. Yes, I was already a successful entrepreneur. But I knew there were more ways I could grow and I am determined find them so that I can ignite more passion.

I had the opportunity to attend an event that featured entrepreneurs who were more successful than me. I made excuses not to go along with them. I could have said that it wasn’t the time. I didn’t know any people who were there. I didn’t have any ideas or anything to share with the group. These are common excuses that hold you back. You can bet that there will always be an excuse! There will always be an excuse. One moment, one event, or one idea can make a huge difference in your life!

All the people who have inspired you had an excuse at some point. You look up to them because they took control of their destiny and didn’t let their excuses stop their success. They surround themselves with people who are ahead in business and life. This new environment may make you feel uncomfortable at first. It means you’re challenging yourself. You will see amazing growth if you embrace the challenge.

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Open your mind

It’s easy to think that successful entrepreneurs and high achievers are slaying it every day. They have made many mistakes and had to learn from them in order to get where they are today. They understand how it feels and are willing to help you avoid the same mistakes. Learn from their mistakes and gain a new perspective to help you achieve your big goals.

Genuine networking in a high-ranking group is invaluable. It’s not about selling your business card or cold pitching strangers. It’s about being open and honest about yourself. Listen to what others have said, learn about their journeys, and build real relationships. It will open your mind to the abundant possibilities and help you make deep connections so you can achieve lasting greatness.

I felt rejuvenated upon my return from that event. I felt energized by the energy in the group and poured that energy into everything I love. My family was happy to see me, and my employees were thrilled about the new ideas and plans that I had created. I was fueled by the encouragement and support I received.

After I connected with the group, I was able to see the greater power within me. I was not fully expressing my true potential. My new circle of friends encouraged me to go further than I could have on my own. Since then, I have written two books, grown my business, and created a coaching program to help entrepreneurs improve their lives. I have strengthened my relationship with my children and deepened my personal relationships.

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You too are destined for greater success. Opportunity does not wait for the right time. It is always there. You have to decide if you are willing to go along for the ride. If I had let my excuses keep me from surrounding myself with higher achievers, I would not be where I am today.

Connecting with others who are achieving greater things is the best way to inspire yourself to greatness. They will ignite your inner fire and help you elevate your business, your life, and yourself. You will achieve your goals if you change your mindset.

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