Who Is Billionaire Rob Walton, the Likely Future Owner of the Denver Broncos?

Who Is Billionaire Rob Walton, the Likely Future Owner of the Denver Broncos?

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Rob Walton Sam Walton ,, the eldest child of Walmart founders, is expected to purchase the Denver Broncos at a record-breaking $4. 65 billion.

The NFL team was valued at $3. 75 billion last year, but a bidding war the raised the stakes — bringing it world’s away from Pat Bowlen’s purchase of the team for $78 million in 1984. After Bowlen’s passing in 2019, legal disputes among relatives led to the three-time Super Bowl champions being put up for sale. If finalized, it would make Walton’s bid the highest price paid for any NFL team since 2018 when David Tepper bought the Carolina Panthers for $2. 275 billion. Walton’s daughter Carrie and Greg Penner would be part of the team’s ownership.

What’s Rob Walton’s net worth?

At 77 years old, the eldest heir to the Walmart fortune, Rob Walton, has an estimated net worth of $57.9 billion and holds the ranking of 22nd richest person in the world.

What is the net worth of the Walton family?

The Walton siblings — Rob, Jim and Alice — have a combined net worth of around $212 billion, making them one of the wealthiest families in the world.

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Who is in the Walton Penner group?

The Walton-Penner ownership includes Rob Walton, Carrie, her husband Greg Penner, and Mellody Hobson, a co-CEO at Ariel Investments, and Mellody, Mellody’s wife and film director George Lucas. The group would share ownership of the Denver Broncos.

Is the sale completed?

Although the Walton-Penner group has technically garnered the winning bid for the Broncos, the sale needs to be reviewed by the NFL’s finance committee and approved by a vote of NFL owners — 24 of 32 owners must vote in favor of the sale in order for it to be finalized. If no issues are raised, the deal could still take up to 90 days for approval.

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