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Who Makes MRE Meals?

MRE meals, or Meal Ready-to-Eat, is a type of self-contained, individually packaged field ration for members of the military. These meals are designed to provide complete nutrition and are ready to eat right out of the package, making them an ideal source of nourishment when traditional cooking options are not available. The history of these meals dates back centuries, but they have become increasingly popular over the last few decades as more companies enter the market and expand their production lines.

While the military has been using MRE meals for a long time, in recent years civilian consumers have also begun to show an interest in them. This has led to an increase in the number of manufacturers producing MRE meals, both for military and civilian use. So who makes MREs? Let’s take a look at some of the biggest players in this market.

Kraft Foods

One of the world’s biggest food companies, Kraft Foods, produces a range of MRE meals specifically for the US military. Their products include entrees such as beef stew, lasagna and chicken casserole, as well as a variety of sides and desserts. They are known for their high quality standards and have been supplying the US Armed Forces with MREs since the late 1990s.

Wise Food Supply

Wise Food Supply specializes in providing emergency preparedness supplies to civilians, including MRE meals. They offer a wide selection of meal options that are designed to be shelf stable for up to 25 years. Some of their most popular varieties include macaroni and cheese, chili mac, beef stroganoff and vegetable lasagna. All of their meals are vegetarian friendly and easy to prepare – just add boiling water before eating.


A leading supplier to the US military, SOPAKCO manufactures several different types of MREs. Their meals contain all the essential vitamins and minerals necessary for a balanced diet, as well as plenty of calories to keep soldiers going during extended periods of action. Some of the most popular items in their line include beef teriyaki, BBQ pork and cheesy pasta. In addition to being nutritious, their meals are convenient, lightweight and easy to transport.

Augason Farms

Established in 1972, Augason Farms is one of the oldest suppliers of MRE meals. Their products are made from only the highest quality ingredients and are designed to be both tasty and nutritious. Each meal contains between 600-700 calories and all are gluten free. Popular varieties include beef ravioli, chicken ala king and scrambled eggs with ham.

My Patriot Supply

Another major player in the MRE industry is My Patriot Supply. They specialize in providing sustainable and affordable food storage solutions, including MREs, for preppers and outdoor enthusiasts. Their meals are designed to be lightweight and compact, so they can easily be stored and transported. Popular items in their lineup include egg noodles with beef, Italian style pepper steak and chow mein.

The market for MREs is growing rapidly, with more companies entering the fray every year. However, there are still a handful of established companies that lead the pack in terms of quality, affordability and reliability. Kraft Foods, Wise Food Supply, SOPAKCO, Augason Farms and My Patriot Supply are all top contenders in this market and are worth looking into if you’re in the market for MRE meals.

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