Why Promontory Wines Are Hollywood’s ($900) Bottle of Choice

Why Promontory Wines Are Hollywood’s ($900) Bottle of Choice

When Shark Tank Emma Grede, co-founder of guest shark Emma Grede Kim KardashianShe chose to celebrate her 40th birthday at the Good American brands of Khloe Kardashian and’s Skims Promontory winery Napa Valley. Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner Peter Dundas, a designer, was among the guests at the extravagant festivities, which were catered and hosted by Mother Wolf and Felix chef Evan Funke.

Promontory was founded in 2008 and is a favorite among industry professionals and stars. Part of the illustrious Harlan portfolio (alongside Harlan Estate, BOND And The MascotIt is known for its 100 percent cabernet wine, which are priced between $700 to $900 depending on the vintage. LeBron James, John Marx, and WME partner are both fans.

Marx says, “I have been growing my own wine cellar for many decades and discovered Promontory while on a trip to Napa Valley along with my wife. It was one of my most memorable and rich experiences to date.” “The wine has a unique mystique and elegance that evokes an elegant appeal.”

Promontory’s founder Bill Harlan, a pioneer in winemaking, is woven into Napa’s fabric. After a successful career in real estate development Harlan started his winemaking dynasty with the goal of creating one of the most outstanding Bordeaux-style wines in the world.

Harlan’s multigenerational legacy has been established over 40 years, with four internationally acclaimed wine properties. His scions are now at the helm of his family’s domain, while he serves the chairman. SuccessionEven with heaps reverence, devotion, and honor.

Harlan Family - Promontory Wine - Harlan Estate

From left to right: Deborah Harlan (left), Bill Harlan (right), Will Harlan (left) and Amanda Harlan Maltas.


Amanda Harlan Maltas, a daughter, is a co-owner. She oversees communications for many other family holdings (including The Napa Valley ReserveA private wine club called. Meadowood Resort In St. Helena), and Will Harlan is the managing director of the winegrowing properties. Will explains, “We are continuing learning and will add our insight to that legacy as it prepares for the third generation leadership.” THR.

Will’s first introduction to winemaking was The Mascot, which he created using a blend of young vines from their vineyards. Promontory is what attracted him into the family business. Promontory is the only island of metamorphic rocks in Napa Valley, Will says. This treasure trove of soils on a variety of dramatic slopes, strewn with warm western exposure and cool morning breeze results in winemaking gold. Emily Buse, Catch Steak New York’s wine director, says that tasting the wine for the first times was an emotional experience. “I still get a chill when I share Promontory with my guests.”

Emma Grede – Skims – Good American – Co-Founder Promontory Wines - Birthday Party in Napa Valley

Promontory’s Skims and American co-founder Emma Grede celebrates her birthday in October

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Promontory only produces about 3,000 cases annually and has a two year wait list for allocations. At the Howard Backen-designed compound, which is high in glass, concrete, and steel, tastings are possible. By reservation There is a $250 per person booking fee. Bookings are made two to three months in advance.

Will says, “From the beginning, we felt Promontory had great potential.” “The next step is to improve our knowledge of the place and work towards translating its intrinsic characteristics into wine. We believe that wine from this unique place should be considered among the best wines in the world. However, it takes many generations to fully understand the land. This is just the beginning of that journey. We have achieved a lot up to this point but there is still a long road ahead of us and we are excited to see where it leads us next.

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