Why You Should Stack Sats To Celebrate Father’s Day

Why You Should Stack Sats To Celebrate Father’s Day thumbnail

This is Anthony Feliciano’s opinion editorial. Anthony Feliciano is a Bitcoin event organizer and father-of-two.

On June 2022,, we’ll be celebrating Father’s Day. Many of us will wonder what to get our father who has it all.

I bet he doesn’t have bitcoin if he’s a boomer. Your dad, like mine, is likely to have little or no interest in Bitcoin. To this day, my parents still ask me how “BitCON” is doing when I call them. They would then smile, just like many boomers, as well as most members and senators to the Warren Buffets, and they are not wrong. Although they correct themselves and say “Bitcoin”, it still gives me a good chuckle every time I hear it. I appreciate their well-mannered intentions, so it is appreciated nonetheless.

As a newly Bitcoin minted father (I have two children under two years old), I took the liberty to call their generation “Covennials”. It is a joke that any parent who has had a child within the past two years will enjoy. They won’t be allowed to send me sats this Father’s Day with children as young as mine. That’s okay.

I was going to write an open letter to my children, but this year’s Father’s Day it is better to address all Bitcoin dads out there. As fathers, it’s not only our responsibility but also our obligation to continue stacking sats for all our children, regardless of their age. I look at my children and the world around me and wonder what the future holds for them in five 10, years. Although I cannot predict the future, or know its shape, I do know that Bitcoin gives me hope and freedom from current geopolitical and economic events. I can pass something of value to them. I can teach them what I have learned through the rabbit hole. They too can have a future.

Take some time to reflect on the journey you took down the Bitcoin rabbit hole, and how you can share that knowledge with your children. It may take them a while to grasp it, but they will eventually. Talk about Bitcoin’s ethos, as well as the applications, and how to send, spend, receive, and transact. They can only benefit from what we have taught them today.

It is our duty as fathers to prepare our children for success. No matter their interests, Bitcoin should be part of the conversation. This is our responsibility, not only to offer our children a better future but also to share the knowledge necessary to help them succeed. We can share with our knowledge about Bitcoin a path forward. It doesn’t matter how the Bitcoin social experiment ends in the future. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear your children say, “Yeah, my dad/grandpa were a part of it”?

Happy Father’s Day, all you Bitcoin dads.

This guest post is by Anthony Feliciani. These opinions are not necessarily those of Bitcoin Magazine or BTC Inc.

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