‘Wizard of Oz’ Hourglass Prop Sells for $495,000 at Auction

‘Wizard of Oz’ Hourglass Prop Sells for $495,000 at Auction

Attention, my pretties! It appears that the Wicked Witch of the West’s iconic hourglass now has a new home.

The signature Wizard of Oz Recently, a prop was sold for $495,000. Heritage AuctionsThe auction house known for selling collectibles is called.

The movie featured the piece as a central part. Dorothy is threatened by the Wicked Witch when she sees the hourglass and says, “You see that?” That’s how long you have to live! It’s not long, my dear! It’s not long! I can’t wait to get those shoes!”

The camera zooms in on Dorothy’s hourglass, showing that her friends, Tin Man, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion are running out of time.

Wizard of Oz Hourglass

Wizard of Oz

Courtesy Everett Collection

There were many versions of the hourglass that were made for the film. The one that was sold Dec. 17 was made from wood and papier-mache. It was used in the final scene, where the Witch holds it high above her head as a defiance against Dorothy’s friends.

Heritage Auctions claims that the hourglass’ Gothic frame was made by studio artisans. It featured winged gargoyles perched on top its spiraled columns. Because the glass’ narrow neck doesn’t allow for the glitter to fit, the glass was also hand-blown.

After The Wizard of Oz, It was also used in other films The Wizard of OzLike Broadway Babes (1941)Diane (1956), And 7 Faces of Dr. Lao (1964).

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