Zendaya Talks Hopes for Rue in ‘Euphoria’ Season Three: “A Little Bit of Happiness and A Little Bit of Joy”

Zendaya Talks Hopes for Rue in ‘Euphoria’ Season Three: “A Little Bit of Happiness and A Little Bit of Joy”

Sunday afternoon Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney, Hunter Schafer And Maude Apatow Participated in an awards season Q&A with the cast of their hit show EuphoriaThis was taken with a screening of the fifth episode of season two, “Stand Still Like a Hummingbird.”

This episode was widely viewed as the season’s breakout. Zendaya’s Rue, Zendaya’s daughter, runs through the night to evade police and drug dealers, and her mother’s attempts at bringing her to rehab. Cassie’s (Sweeney’s) secret relationship to Nate (Jacob Elordi) was revealed in the episode. Zendaya stated that although Sam Levinson originally wrote a completely different version of the season in the beginning, the plan for this episode was always the same.

Zendaya said to the crowd at the Paramount Theater that there was a sadder ending to this season. “I believe that we all needed a little hope as a nation. They needed something to look forward too, some goodness and joy, and that was what they were trying to find in this very difficult time.” As they worked on the second season during the pandemic.

“It felt very relevant to, and I think, many people. But it was also important to me when referring to Rue. The executive producer and star said that he wanted people to see that there is something beautiful within her, regardless of whether she can see it. “So he changed the ending completely. It ended in the most beautiful and most amazing performances that you guys brought out that blew my mind. The idea was brilliant. [is] Art can save lives in many different ways. It went through many iterations. But I’m grateful for where it ended. And I’m grateful to all the stories that were shared with me after that ending.

The cast also discussed the arcs of each character in that pivotal episode, which originally aired February 2, and the logistics of Rue run (which certainly played a role in Zendaya’s second Emmy victory in September). The stars were also asked what “euphoria” means to them as they move forward with a third season.

Sweeney stated that Cassie would want a family because she is looking for one in everyone. She looks for it in her friends, she looks at it in the men.” Apatow stated that Lexi is free from negative self-talk and thoughts. Once you’ve got that out of the way, you can move on. You can reach your full potential. [be] hers: stop attacking herself.”

Schafer said that each character has a vice. She believes Jules’ vice is the closeness she seeks with others and the feeling of being validated in that closeness, without judgment or safety in that connection. “I think she finds it in some of the worst ways, but I think it’s what he’s looking for. What she knows is with Rue, but there are things in the way. What she knows is with her dad but there’s other stuff. What she knows could be with Elliot but he’s an addict.

Zendaya stated that Rue’s one wish was to “literally just be alive and possibly enjoy it.”

Zendaya said, “And I know she can do it because Sam wrote the book, and Sam was Rue and he did it,” Zendaya added. Zendaya’s character is famously based on the creator’s own addiction struggles. “He’s proof there is hope for Rue or anyone like Rue, and based on the beautiful letters and people that have reached out — I am so thankful for those experiences when somebody approaches me and talks about Rue and how they connected to her or what part of their healing journey they were able to be a part. This is the greatest, most precious gift I could ever ask for. It gives me purpose and euphoria in my work.

She said that she hoped for a little joy and for her to be able “to breathe and love without fear of losing.” “It’s true that she will have to go through some trials, but we’ll get there.

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